Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Ace of Air

Ace of Air post image

A butterfly emerges from a chrysalis on a bright spring morning, with hawthorn (the May-flower) in bloom. Butterfly is a symbol of the soul — psyche is the Greek word for both soul and butterfly. Her ability to go through the process of metamorphosis speaks to your capacity to change yourself. A tincture of hawthorn Read more

Ace of Water

Ace of Water post image

Salmon have spawned in a deep pool on the side of a river. Bright orange eggs are scattered among the rocks at the bot- tom of the pool. The just-hatched alevins and a salmon fingerling start to explore their watery world. Salmon’s journey is one of descent and return, the archetypal shaman’s journey. Salmon will Read more

Ace of Fire

Ace of Fire post image

A snake has just broken his way out of an egg and is encountering the world for the first time. Because of his ability to shed his skin and emerge in a new one, Snake has long been a symbol of renewal and transformation. In the background we see sparks shooting from a hidden flame Read more

Ace of Earth

Ace of Earth post image

A newborn fawn nestles up against the base of a red cedar, surrounded by the unfolding spirals of young fiddlehead ferns. Deer are common yet magical animals, who have the reputation of being able to lead one into the Otherworld. Grown stags symbolize virility and strength, as well as the wildness of the woods. Of Read more