Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

Gaian Tarot

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Calling All Healers, Creatives, and Lovers of Mother Earth!

Guardian of Water card or Queen of Cups Gaian TarotThe Gaian Tarot was designed especially for you.

It speaks directly to the hearts of you who practice an earth-centered spirituality. It’s a powerful tool for accessing the voice of Spirit and your own inner guidance.

In these cards, you’ll find a multicultural, contemporary community of people living sustainably on the land and working to heal Mama Gaia. Animals frolic, plants unfurl, and elements sparkle. Each card is a teacher who is brimming over with lessons to share.

You’ll recognize yourself in these cards and will be able to envision new, inspiring possibilities for your life. You’ll learn to heal yourself, and to heal the earth as well.

In these days of environmental destruction and global climate change, the Gaian Tarot offers a vision of hope and healing.

A deck that taps into earth consciousness like no other deck, the Gaian Tarot is the much talked about, beloved, and exceptional deck borne from the genius of artist and writer Joanna Powell Colbert.

The 2016 version of the Gaian Tarot published by Schiffer is at once both contemporary and mystical, a deck that will be loved by those following women-centered or earth-centered life paths. The deck set is an impressive (and useful) gift for anyone who you know would embrace the Gaia principle and Gaian lifestyle, even one with no tarot background. Yet the deck itself is sophisticated and rich with symbolism, which any seasoned tarotist will appreciate.

A masterpiece tarot deck that blends the wisdom taught by Mother Earth and showcases the magic that sentient beings can create when we tap into that wisdom, Colbert’s Gaian Tarot reads with astounding accuracy, sincerity, and grace. It’s no wonder that time and time again, master tarot readers and bestselling writers turn to the Gaian Tarot for answers.”

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot and The Tao of Craft.

Joanna Powell Colbert’s exquisitely beautiful Gaian Tarot is much more than a tarot deck. It’s a doorway into a community of people living close to the land and its creatures.

It’s a journey through the seasons where nature mirrors the joys and sorrows, pain and exaltation of what it takes to live in harmony with and through the earth. It reminds us how to know and respect the planet we live on.

This is a very readable deck that, if you open to it, will take you right back to the elemental truth that resides inside everything.

Mary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, Tarot Reversals and the classic Tarot for Your Self.
Star card Gaian Tarot

The Gaia Tarot is one of the most healing, powerful decks I’ve ever used for my clients. Its effect is, in a word, profound.

I have observed even the most agitated, cynical, or despondent querents become completely captivated by the beautiful, strong images in these cards. From all backgrounds and walks of life, without exception, my clients strongly identify with this deck.

And as they can so clearly see themselves in these cards, they can also envision new, inspiring possibilities and solutions to the concerns for which they have sought guidance. The Gaian Tarot is a rare treasure and belongs in the repertoire of every reader.

Beth Owl’s Daughter, beloved tarot reader, teacher, and host of the Raleigh-Durham Tarot MeetUp.

Blessing of the Seeker

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