Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Videos: An Introduction to the Gaian Tarot

Note: Joanna recorded these videos in 2010.

Part 1: I talk about the inspiration behind the Gaian Tarot and how it came to be created.
(About 8 minutes.)


Part 2: A close look at a few of the Gaian Major Arcana cards, comparing them to the Rider Waite Smith versions. I explain why I made certain creative choices, and talk about the stories behind the cards.
(About 13 minutes.)


Part 3: The elemental suits, number system and People (Court) cards of the Minor Arcana. I explain the “three sets of three mini-dramas” number system that I learned from Teresa Michelsen, and take a look at how my People cards vary in title and gender from more traditional court cards.
(About 8 minutes.)


Part 4: How one of the numbers, the 4, is expressed in each of the elemental suits.
(About 7 minutes.)


Part 5: A look at my creative process as seen through one card, the 3 of Earth, from inspiration to final artwork.
(About 6 minutes.)