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Temperance post image

Combining opposites

The Winged One lifts a shell to pour out her blessings into a bowl of burn- ing herbs. Instead of water, she pours the refracted light of a rainbow. Her third eye glows with sacred knowledge and far-see- ing. The steam-filled pool distorts her re- flection — or is the distortion an accurate picture of another kind? She is a mixed-race child; the bloodlines of many cultures run within her body. By her example, she calls to us to integrate all the disparate parts of ourselves. Her gifts are those of healing, creativity and the integration of light and shadow within us.

The word “temperance” comes from the Latin temperare, “to combine” or “to mix.” This card is about combining diverse elements to create something new. As such, it is often the signature card of artists. Blue and red make purple; rain and sun make rainbows; water and fire make steam. The full moon rises as the sun sets; the sun rises as the full moon sets. This perfect balance of opposites graces us with extraordinary beauty.

Close up of the Temperance card

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