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Learning and teaching

The Teacher is a humble and spiritual figure in the tradition of the Holy Fool or Crazy Saint, known in Sufi tradition as well as in Tibetan Buddhism, Hasidic Judaism and Christianity. Crazy saints speak in riddles, they tease, they laugh uproariously and act intentionally ridiculous. At the same time, they are guileless, transparent and open to a sense of wonder. Who, we ask, is the Wise Man, and who is the Fool?

The Teacher sits in front of a Western Red Cedar surrounded by five green allies, potent medicinal herbs that many would pass by as weeds. Is it crazy to take as your teacher Dandelion, Stinging Nettle, Garlic, Yarrow and Comfrey? And what lessons are taught by Western Red Cedar?

The coyote is a Crazy Saint as well. Wilderness tracker Tom Brown Jr. passed on the tradition of “coyote teaching” from his own teacher. “Grandfather” used methods like questioning, teasing and storytelling to inspire and intrigue lazy students. Coyote teaching also happens when you plan to learn one thing (the medicinal use of herbs, for example) and end up learning something else altogether (perhaps the limits of your own courage and stamina).

Who, we may ask, is the Teacher in this card, and who is the student?

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