Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Gaian Tarot Publication FYI

Limited edition initial print of Majors Only deck, quantity of 125. Published 2004.

Additional Limited edition print of Majors Only deck, quantity of 300. Published 2005.

Limited edition full deck quantity of 1000. Approx. 50 copies still available here. Published 2010.

Llewellyn mass-market deck. Sold out. Published 2011. Card back looks similar to the Limited Edition deck back.

Schiffer mass-market deck still in print. Available from most deck retailers. Published 2016. Card back has white border around herb wreath.

There are differences in some of the cards in each of the printings. Below is a unique characteristic from each of the full deck versions.

Limited Edition Two of Fire woman is on the left when looking at the card. The Two of Fire was completely redone for the Llewellyn and Schiffer versions.

Llewellyn version has a misprint on the Builder card — it is titled “The Emperor” in all decks.

Schiffer version of the Eight of Air has a singing bowl added.