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Gaian Tarot Circle Revisited

Gaian Tarot Circle Revisited: A Bundle of Teleseminars

Dear Gaian Tarot Lover,

One upon a time, there was a lovely community that gathered online twice a month to study the Gaian Tarot. It was known as the Gaian Tarot Circle, and we gathered regularly from 2010 through 2014. During that time, our understanding of the deck deepened, lasting friendships were formed, and there were a lot of big belly laughs.

In 2016, a new edition of the Gaian Tarot was released by Schiffer, and many folks discovered the deck for the first time. One of those people, when she heard about the GTC and bemoaned being late to the party, nudged me to re-release the recordings of our card studies. So thank you for asking … and here it is!

What is it?

46 digital recordings each lasting about an hour, centered on an in-depth study and discussion of every card in the deck. Each Major Arcana card has a teleseminar all its own. For the Minors, we covered 4 cards at a time until the Fives, when we realized we need a bit more time for them. For the Fives all the way through to the Elders there are two calls for each, Part 1 on the Air & Fire suit, Part 2 on the Water & Earth suit. I’ve also included the Monthly Card Study PDF for you to use in your own study of the cards.

On the recordings, you will hear me speaking about the inspiration for each card and telling some of the stories behind it. You’ll get to know who some of the cards are based on, and a bit of the inside scoop on the process I used. I answered questions from circle members and listened as they added their own wisdom and perceptions of the cards to the mix. Each call ended with a short reading (I love group readings!)

Here’s a sample from the call we did on the Gardener (Empress) card (5 minutes):

Who is this bundle of teleseminars for?

Anyone who loves the Gaian Tarot and wants to learn more about it.

Is there a live aspect to this package?

No, but the Gaian Tarot page on Facebook is a good place to post questions or comments about the calls. I’ll be happy to answer your questions there.

How do I get access to these recordings?

Right here!

Gaian Tarot Circle Revisited: A Bundle of Teleseminars
Gaian Tarot Circle Revisited: A Bundle of Teleseminars
That is less than 60¢ per episode.
Price: $27.00

After you pay, you will receive an email receipt with links to download the recordings. There are three zipped files (approx. 150 MB each) containing all 46 recordings plus a special card study pdf. If you have any trouble or cannot download the files within the time allotted, you’ll be able to contact Shari the support goddess for help. (Payment is made through PayPal; you can also use a credit or debit card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.)

What if I was a member of the Gaian Tarot Circle and I want to hear the recordings again?

Contact our support goddess Shari, and she will help you out with this.

sorting tarot cardsSomeone told me that she didn’t consider me to be the final authority on my own deck, and I had to agree. Even though I created the deck with certain ideas in mind, it is now taking on a life of its own, like a child who is sent out into the world.

I hope you enjoy the recordings, and that they deepen your experience of the Gaian Tarot.


Blessings of Sea & Cedar,





P.S. Here’s the link again to purchase the GTC Revisited Teleseminars: