… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

The Priestess


Gaian Tarot Priestess or High Priestess card

Dreams, voices and visions

The woman of mystery calls upon us to turn within when the moon is waning. Listen, she says, to the voice of the wind with its pungent salty scent . . . listen to the voices that arise in your dreams or from your wombs during the time of moonflow.

She sits before the willow veil of Hecate and hears the unspoken words of Owl and Salmon, the sea behind her illuminated by a waning moon. At her side is the Sleeping Goddess of Malta, who sends healing dreams. In her hands is the rubyfruit of Persephone, symbol of fertility, death and sexuality.

Is she Maiden? Is she Crone?

She carries both within her, balancing the wisdom of age with the freshness of youth — and holds fast to the autonomy of both.

Sssh . . . the priestess whispers:

Guard the Mysteries! Constantly reveal them!

Close up of the Priestess

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