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Gaian Tarot The Moon


Moon card Gaian Tarot deck

Constant, faithful changes

La Luna Bella! A woman invokes the energies of the full moon, while all around her spiral the eight lunar phases. Each month the moon embodies the cycle of descent and return, as it waxes to full- ness, wanes to darkness, and begins to wax again. The Moon is constantly changing, and She is utterly faithful in Her changes.

This cycle embodies one of the most profound teachings that Nature has to offer us. Every month the lunar cycle, which is mirrored in a woman’s menstrual cycle, reminds us that one stage of life always succeeds another, and that a time of darkness is always followed by renewal.

Behind the woman we see the Paleolithic relief of the Great Goddess of Laussel, which may be humankind’s first calendar. With one hand she points to her belly (hidden behind the woman’s head) and with the other, she holds aloft a crescent-shaped horn incised with thirteen notches, the number of lunations in a solar year. The woman is accompanied by those allies of the night, Owl and Wolf. Owl teaches us to navigate by our feelings, instinct and intuition. Wolf teaches us to get in touch with our “wildish” nature and howl at that luminous moon. Salmon leaps up from the depths, bringing the wisdom of its own cycle of descent and return.
Close up of the Moon card

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