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Karmic balance

Instead of the familiar “scales of justice,” we see a numinous figure who, with his outstretched hands, has become transformed into the scales himself. He stands tall and upright, with a look of deep compassion in his eyes. In one hand he holds a passionate, flaming heart; in the other, a feather. In Egyptian mythology, the heart of a person who has recently died is weighed against the feather of Ma’at, Goddess of Justice. If the scales balance, he or she is welcomed into Paradise. If the scales do not balance, the person’s heart is devoured by a demon. The story of Ma’at reminds us that beyond the social laws of societies and nations is the universal law of cause and effect, or karmic balance.

Every day we make ethical or unethical choices that make our hearts lighter or heavier. This happens on a global level, too. When human beings take what they want from the natural world without considering the consequences, devastation occurs. All the plants and animals pictured on this card are endangered or threatened species: Spotted Owl, American Ginseng, Canada Lynx, Echinacea, Vancouver Island Marmot, Fender’s Blue Butterfly, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Black Necked Stilt, Northern Sea Otter, Trillium, Red Wolf, Whooping Crane. We also see, in the distance, a forest of stumps left over from a clearcut. Each of these species has its own story of why it is threatened, and how it might survive. The beauty, mystery and diversity of our extraordinary planet is diminished every time another species becomes extinct.

The river in the background refers to the many folk songs and hymns that quote Amos 5:24: “Let justice flow like a river and righteousness [right action] like an ever-flowing stream.”

Justice asks us to consider the consequences of our actions with each choice that we make.

Close up of the Justice card

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