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Explorer of Earth

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The Explorer of Earth is a tracker, one who knows how to read the stories imprinted on the earth by the birds and animals who live there. Her awareness of the life of the forest is keen. She has been examining the duff at the base of the fir tree, looking for tracks or scat that might indicate what small creature has passed this way. Perhaps she has found the bones of a vole or songbird. She looks up quickly when her attention is caught by a scurry- ing squirrel. Perhaps he is letting her know about the buck who stands just behind her. Is he a spirit deer, or a rare white deer?
The Explorer of Earth knows how to live close to the heart of nature. She knows how to make primitive tools, to start a fire with a bow drill, to smoke and dry food for the winter, to make clothing from animal hides and to weave baskets from cedar bark. Living in the wilder- ness teaches her that she is capable of far more than she had ever thought. She does not fear the forest, but respects it and has become part of it. Her ally is Badger, who offers the gifts of stability, earth knowledge and connection to home.

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