Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Ace of Water

Ace of Water post image

Salmon have spawned in a deep pool on the side of a river. Bright orange eggs are scattered among the rocks at the bot- tom of the pool. The just-hatched alevins and a salmon fingerling start to explore their watery world. Salmon’s journey is one of descent and return, the archetypal shaman’s journey. Salmon will Read more

Two of Water

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A woman and her canine friend joyfully embrace near a waterfall. The woman’s heart chakra is tattooed with a design of an opening lotus. The waterfall creates negative ions, which refresh and uplift the spirit. Dog and human meet in a joyful heart connection, for dogs epitomize faithfulness, companionship and unconditional love. Archival Limited Edition Read more

Three of Water

Three of Water post image

Three curious sea otters are at play in great forests of kelp. Two float on their backs on the surface of the water, chattering away. Another dives deep, perhaps going after shells he’s just tossed in. Later on they’ll swim to shore and find a place to slide down a muddy bank on their bellies Read more

Four of Water

Four of Water post image

A young woman gazes into the waters of Chalice Well, a holy well in Glastonbury, England. Is she sad and grieving or is she at peace? She may be scrying the patterns on the surface of the water, or contemplating the mysteries of the well’s red waters. The Lady of the Well murmurs secrets in Read more

Five of Water

Five of Water post image

A woman sits on a misty shore, wrapped up against the cold. She holds a scrying bowl in her hands but no images have arisen in it. Her longing gaze is directed inwardly as the fog of depression descends over the scene. In the distance, a boat is moored to the shore. Archival Limited Edition Read more

Six of Water

Six of Water card or 6 of Cups Gaian Tarot

Mermaid sisters gather together to celebrate the peak of Summer as sunset falls on the longest day of the year. We are naked and innocent, with hearts wide open to embrace each other. We weave a sensuous, spellbinding web of love and pleasure as we sing, “we are the flow, we are the ebb Read more

Seven of Water

Seven of Water post image

A man has chosen one dream out of many possible dreams. He has let go of dithering over this fantasy or that option and has made his choice. It’s the moment of commitment for him. Perhaps he listened when a wise one encouraged him: “Say no to the good, in order to say Yes! to Read more

Eight of Water

Eight of Water post image

A woman swims upstream in a river, intent on reaching her destination. She is focused and determined, as she takes action to live an authentic life. There may be times when she feels like she’s in over her head, when she wants to turn around and let the current take her swiftly and easily downstream Read more

Nine of Water

Nine of Water post image

A woman enters a sacred sea cave and lifts her arms to receive the embrace of the Ocean Mother. She sings a song of devotion as waves crash and salt spray kisses her brow. As she sings in harmony with the rushing wind and the tide, she enters into a mystical state of ecstasy. When Read more

Ten of Water

Ten of Water post image

The salmon cycle of descent and re- turn is one of the most inspiring stories found in nature, whether you approach it as pure science or as a spiritual metaphor. Very simply, salmon fry are born in fresh water and are carried downriver to the sea where they grow to maturity. If they’re not eaten Read more

Child of Water

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The Child of Water stands at the tideline, where the water meets the shore. As the tide flows and ebbs, treasures are uncovered then covered up once more. The water’s edge is a place of fascination and magic for children and adults alike. The Child points to a bright orange sea star she has discovered Read more

Explorer of Water

Explorer of Water post image

Surfing can be a form of deep meditation, a way of stopping the mind from thinking. As in meditation, if the surfer tries too hard to control his mind, he be- comes rigid and tight. The wave then over- takes him and he wipes out. But the Explorer of Water knows how to be pulled Read more