Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Three of Air

Three of Air post image

A man writes furiously in his journal, his thoughts and feelings pouring out onto the page. He may be working out issues that trouble him and are reflected in the image that turned up for his “card of the day” practice. Pen, pencil and feather stand in a red glass jar, anchored in place by Read more

Three of Fire

Three of Fire post image

A woman dances with billowing scarves, as a blazing sunset turns the evening sky into an inferno. She herself blazes too, with passion and personal power. Her crackling, magical energy even draws three “great balls of fire” into her sphere! Close up of the Three of Fire card Archival Limited Edition Print signed & numbered Read more

Three of Water

Three of Water post image

Three curious sea otters are at play in great forests of kelp. Two float on their backs on the surface of the water, chattering away. Another dives deep, perhaps going after shells he’s just tossed in. Later on they’ll swim to shore and find a place to slide down a muddy bank on their bellies Read more

Three of Earth

Three of Earth post image

Three women make tinctures, teas, salves and other healing concoctions out of the herbs they’ve gathered in gardens and fields.  They work joyfully together to create aromatic medicine for the good of the community.  A traditional meaning for this card is “building the house of the Goddess.” In this case, the temple of the Goddess Read more