Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Six of Air

Six of Air post image

The community awakens and “sings up the sun” together with prayer, song and drumming. As we gather with others of like mind at festivals or on retreat, we gain perspective and insight into the big, soulful issues of our lives. As we set our intent together in ceremonial space, the power to change our personal Read more

Six of Fire

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It’s festival time! With nightfall comes the lighting of the bonfire and the arrival of drummers and dancers. The energy builds until it reaches a blazing peak of creative and erotic power, and we are entrained and entranced. Together we fan the flames of the sacred fire. We raise a cone of power and release Read more

Six of Water

Six of Water card or 6 of Cups Gaian Tarot

Mermaid sisters gather together to celebrate the peak of Summer as sunset falls on the longest day of the year. We are naked and innocent, with hearts wide open to embrace each other. We weave a sensuous, spellbinding web of love and pleasure as we sing, “we are the flow, we are the ebb Read more

Six of Earth

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At a local Farmers’ Market, vendors and customers exchange energy in the tangible form of money for goods. We buy our greens and carrots from the farmer who lives down the road, and in doing so we support her commitment to farming organically and sustainably. In return, we receive fresh and delicious foods that nourish Read more