Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Seven of Air

Seven of Air post image

A hiker has paused on his journey to consult his map and to consider his destination. He needs to make plans for the next stage of his walkabout. Shall he climb the mountain, or follow the river down into the valley? Shall he seek the company of others, or continue to go it alone? Shall Read more

Seven of Fire

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A blacksmith stands at a forge, raising her hammer high to strike the red-hot iron rod. The scent of rain-soaked autumn woods mixes with the pungent aroma of burning coals and hot metal. The smith’s heartbeat races as she pounds the glowing iron bar into the shape she desires. It takes much strength and determination Read more

Seven of Water

Seven of Water post image

A man has chosen one dream out of many possible dreams. He has let go of dithering over this fantasy or that option and has made his choice. It’s the moment of commitment for him. Perhaps he listened when a wise one encouraged him: “Say no to the good, in order to say Yes! to Read more

Seven of Earth

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A woman plants a red cedar sapling near a creek where salmon spawn. She is volunteering for a habitat restoration project in an area that was once heavily logged. Alder trees have since sprung up, working to restore the land to health by breathing nitrogen into their leaves and transfer- ring it into the soil Read more