Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Nine of Air

Nine of Air post image

A woman is grieving, on a much deeper soul level than the distress of the 3 of Air. Storm clouds billow behind her, mirroring her inner turmoil. Yet she has gone to a sacred spot, and embraces a standing stone as if it were her mother. She goes deep into a trance state, letting her Read more

Nine of Fire

Nine of Fire post image

A man has retreated to a redrock cave, a sacred spot where energies gather, in order to replenish his own life-force. He seats himself in meditation and soon the kundalini serpent begins to rise. He is radiant with inner fire, connected to heaven and earth. He experiences himself as a be- ing of light, as Read more

Nine of Water

Nine of Water post image

A woman enters a sacred sea cave and lifts her arms to receive the embrace of the Ocean Mother. She sings a song of devotion as waves crash and salt spray kisses her brow. As she sings in harmony with the rushing wind and the tide, she enters into a mystical state of ecstasy. When Read more

Nine of Earth

Nine of Earth post image

A woman stands in the midst of a lavender field in full bloom on a sacred island where she has put down roots and made her home. She’s reached a time in her life when she is fulfilled, content and at peace with her home and her creative work. Even when she spends time in Read more