Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Guardian of Air

Guardian of Air card Gaian Tarot or Queen of Swords

The Guardian of Air is a yogini whose bare feet don’t feel the cold of the snow. This is not a woman who puts up with pretensions or incompetence in others. Her challenging gaze pierces you like a knife. She looks straight into your soul, shining a light on even the dustiest corners. She has Read more

Guardian of Fire

Guardian of Fire post image

This Guardian is a fire tender. He keeps an eye on the bonfire at festivals, making sure it neither gets too high nor gets so low that it goes out. His energy matches that of the fire, whether it’s quiet, smoking, sparking or blazing. He’s often in the background of the circle, but the drumming Read more

Guardian of Water

Guardian of Water card or Queen of Cups Gaian Tarot deck

The Guardian of Water is calling us to open our hearts to compassion, intuition and deep love. As if swimming in the waters of mercy, she overflows with forgiveness, peace and cleansing for a troubled world. Pour it out for me is her siren song. A school of fish swirls all about her, as if Read more

Guardian of Earth

Guardian of Earth post image

The Guardian of Earth tenderly examines his corn to see if it is ripe for harvest. He has planted, tended, weeded and nurtured the plants all season long. Now it’s time to cut the corn down and let it nourish his family and community. He takes great pride in his heirloom home- grown corn. He Read more