Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Four of Air

Four of Air post image

Four robin’s eggs are nestled inside a nest that has been fashioned from twigs, grasses, moss, flower petals and bits of ribbon and string. It’s hidden away, tucked under leaves that protect it from prey or prying eyes. Archival Limited Edition Print signed & numbered by the artist Buy It! 8.5×11″ Print $55.95 Buy It Read more

Four of Fire

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A woman stands within a sacred circle, the four directions marked by tall votive candles. She is breathing deeply, allowing the energy of the desert night to flood her body. Energy moves up from the earth and down from the sky into her body. Kundalini rises, power flows, all blocks are gone. She is marking Read more

Four of Water

Four of Water post image

A young woman gazes into the waters of Chalice Well, a holy well in Glastonbury, England. Is she sad and grieving or is she at peace? She may be scrying the patterns on the surface of the water, or contemplating the mysteries of the well’s red waters. The Lady of the Well murmurs secrets in Read more

Four of Earth

Four of Earth post image

On a beautiful autumn day, a grey squirrel pauses to nibble on an acorn as he gathers nuts and seeds to save for the winter to come. He is surrounded by a stash of acorns, and even more tumble out of an opening in the trunk of a maple tree. In Inuit culture, an inukshuk Read more