Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Explorer of Air

Explorer of Air post image

The Explorer of Air climbs a tall tree in the woods. From this height he has a new perspective on the world — he can see what the birds see as he gazes out over the landscape. He carries quiver, bow and blade with him, all tools of discernment and focus. He has studied and Read more

Explorer of Fire

Explorer of Fire post image

The Explorer of Fire spins her flaming orbs through the darkness, the poi making a pattern of dazzling light that arcs and loops and falls. Her movements are as sensuous and sinuous as a serpent, and just as mesmerizing. She has practiced long hours to make her movements look effortless. But the skill of fire Read more

Explorer of Water

Explorer of Water post image

Surfing can be a form of deep meditation, a way of stopping the mind from thinking. As in meditation, if the surfer tries too hard to control his mind, he be- comes rigid and tight. The wave then over- takes him and he wipes out. But the Explorer of Water knows how to be pulled Read more

Explorer of Earth

Explorer of Earth post image

The Explorer of Earth is a tracker, one who knows how to read the stories imprinted on the earth by the birds and animals who live there. Her awareness of the life of the forest is keen. She has been examining the duff at the base of the fir tree, looking for tracks or scat Read more