Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Elder of Air

Elder of Air post image

Can you hear the sweet sound rising from the aromatic cedar flute? A grandfather’s prayer of thanksgiving wafts to the heavens as his breath becomes melody and harmony. This is a man who has dedicated his life to bringing peace and healing through music. The medicine of music creates a sanctuary for those in physical Read more

Elder of Fire

Elder of Fire card or King of Wands Gaian Tarot deck

A curandera (healer) squats on the earth in front of an altar honoring the ancestors during Los Días de los Muertos — the Days of the Dead. She holds a handful of burning herbs that direct waves of energy to dissipate the foul and bring in the sweet. She lives in la época del mito Read more

Elder of Water

Elder of Water post image

A fisherman, who is intimately familiar with the tides and moods of Mother Ocean, rows his skiff out into the sound just before sunrise. It’s a liminal time and place: between night and day, between shore and sea. His attention is caught by a water bird — a heron? an eagle? a cormorant? — and Read more

Elder of Earth

Elder of Earth post image

A woman sits in her lush autumnal garden, spinning wool into yarn that will eventually become sweaters, scarves and hats for the winter to come. She is an industrious woman who has tended her orchard all year long and now reaps a rich harvest of apples. She shares the windfalls with Sister Deer, an original Read more