Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …

Child of Air

Child of Air post image

The Child of Air gazes at a swallowtail butterfly that alights on her hand as butterflies take flight in a spiral around her. She can feel the trembling of delicate wings and wonders if it’s really a faery, disguised as a butterfly. Perhaps, like the Zen master Chuang-tzu, she asks: “Am I a person dreaming Read more

Child of Fire

Child of Fire post image

The Child of Fire laughs in delight at the flames of a campfire that dance and dazzle him. Humans have gazed into flames since the beginning of time, fascinated by the warmth, radiance, visions — and even danger — the fire brings. Yet all this is a wondrous discovery for each child who sees fire Read more

Child of Water

Child of Water post image

The Child of Water stands at the tideline, where the water meets the shore. As the tide flows and ebbs, treasures are uncovered then covered up once more. The water’s edge is a place of fascination and magic for children and adults alike. The Child points to a bright orange sea star she has discovered Read more

Child of Earth

Child of Earth post image

The Child of Earth holds a ripe apple in his small hands. It’s fresh-picked, right off the tree, and its tangy aroma tickles the Child’s nose. It feels heavy, solid and grounding in his hands. He gazes at the apple as if it holds all the mysteries of the universe — and perhaps it does Read more