Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

… healing the earth, healing ourselves …


Tree post image

Letting go The Hanged Man has always been one of the most mysterious and compel- ling images in the Tarot. Here the dream-like figure is suspended in the yoga posture called vriksha-asana — the Tree. Her grace and balance is a mirror of the serenity of her inner being. She is able to stay centered Read more


Death post image

Dying and being born A heron lies dead in an old decaying boat near the beach. Ants and spiders crawl on the carcass and a vulture hovers overhead. Wild roses and elder- berry grow up through the rotting boat and butterflies flit through the greenery. Sinuous ropes like snakes are coiled below the deck. To Read more


Temperance post image

Combining opposites The Winged One lifts a shell to pour out her blessings into a bowl of burn- ing herbs. Instead of water, she pours the refracted light of a rainbow. Her third eye glows with sacred knowledge and far-see- ing. The steam-filled pool distorts her re- flection — or is the distortion an accurate Read more


Bindweed post image

Life out of balance The previous card, Temperance, re- minds us to live a balanced life. The Bindweed card depicts a life lived desperately out of balance. The figure is in despair, bound to his own addictions. He sees no way out. His internal struggle is reflected in the world around him, where non-native invasive Read more


Lightning post image

Sudden, irrevocable change Lightning strikes a tree and lights it on fire as a thunderstorm rages. Three figures fall out of the sky, as if in a dream. When lightning strikes, there is an increase of ozone in the atmosphere, which cleanses the air. In the same way, the aftermath of a calamity can bring Read more


Star card Gaian Tarot deck

Opening to grace A time of peace and tranquility follows the lightning and storms of the previous card. A woman kneels before a sacred spring that is filled with starlight. In her hands, she cups the Water of Life. Soon she will take a deep drink and be filled with renewal, hope and inspiration. Her Read more


Moon card Gaian Tarot deck

Constant, faithful changes La Luna Bella! A woman invokes the energies of the full moon, while all around her spiral the eight lunar phases. Each month the moon embodies the cycle of descent and return, as it waxes to full- ness, wanes to darkness, and begins to wax again. The Moon is constantly changing, and Read more


Sun card Gaian Tarot

Radiant joy From the shadows of the Moon, we move into the clear light of day. A woman dances for joy at the peak of the sun’s power, at noon on Summer Solstice. Even the sunflowers behind her are radiating happiness. As she dances, she experiences that sensation known as “flow.” She is so focused Read more


Awakening post image

Getting conscious With this card, we awaken to a higher level of consciousness, both on a personal level and on a planetary one. We are called to open our hearts to Spirit, to live in a more meaningful way, and to participate in the life of our communities. We “think globally and act locally” and Read more


Gaia or the World card Gaian Tarot

The World —May all beings be blessed The silver-haired Grandmother of All holds Mother Earth in her arms, gazing at her with all the joy and tenderness a mother has for her newborn child. The Daughter is here too, in the form of a swallowtail butterfly. (Can this be the same swallowtail we saw on Read more