Gaian Tarot Virtual Deck & Book Tour

September 2011 was Blog Deck & Book Tour Month for the Gaian Tarot. We were all over the blogosphere, with fascinating reviews, articles and interviews.

Thursday, September 1st:
Right here at Gaian Soul! We raffled away 3! copies of the Llewellyn edition of the Gaian Tarot!

And . . .  the Llewellyn Journal featured the Gaian Tarot, with an interview with me as well as an article I wrote on “Creating the Gaian Tarot.”   And . . . the Gaian appears on the cover of the gorgeous Llewellyn New Worlds Catalog.

Friday, September 2nd:
The Tarot Lady’s Blog with Theresa Reed

Monday, September 5th:
Many Hands with Paris Finley and Carolyn Cushing

Tuesday, September 6th:
Kim Antieau

Wednesday, September 7th:
Animá Lifeways & Herbal School with Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose

Thursday, September 8th:
Pantheos with Star Foster

Friday, September 9th:
Carry It Forward with Christa Gallopoulos

Saturday, September 10th:
Circle Ways with James Wells

Tuesday, September 13th:
One Witch’s Way with Rowan Pendragon

Wednesday, September 14th:
The Tarot Lady’s Blog with Theresa Reed

Thursday, September 15th:
Owl’s Wings with Beth Owl’s Daughter

Friday, September 16th:
Donnaleigh’s Tarot with Donnaleigh de la Rose

Tuesday, September 20th:
Soul Spackle with Sara

Wednesday, September 21st:
Arwen’s Tarot Blog with Arwen

Thursday, September 22nd:
New Age Journal with Diane Saarinen

Monday, September 26th:
Radical Rolling Pin with Elaine Nichols

Tuesday, September 27th:
Art and Words with Kris Waldherr

Wednesday, September 28th:
Beyond the Fields We Know with Catherine Kerr

Friday, September 30th:
HecateDemeter with Hecate Demetersdatter

Monday, October 3rd:
Practical Tarot with Barbara Moore

Wednesday, October 5th:
ATA Reflections with Sheri Harshberger