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structure, boundaries, foundation

The Builder is a master craftsman, shown here carving a design of oak leaves and acorns into the post that flanks the front door of his home. He is committed to the ethics and principles of sustainability and has built an earth-friendly house. Drying herbs hang from the rafters, firewood is stacked in preparation for winter, and a spiral of beach stones leads the visitor to the arched doorway.

The Builder is strong and comfortable in his own authority. Yet unlike most historic emperors, he does not destroy life for his own power or benefit. Inspired by the Green Man, the spirit of the wildwood whose face he has carved into the post, he works in harmony with nature and honors Mother Earth’s animals and resources. The kestrel, a small falcon who hunts with speed, grace and precision, watches and waits as the Builder focuses on his task.

The Builder is the archetypal Father, the creator of culture, structure and human laws, as compared to the Gardener, who embodies the abundance of Mother Earth. He is the city, she is the country. He is the building, she is the garden. As an architect of civilization, our Builder creates networks and systems that enable people to live and work together, sharing resources and creating a supportive, sustainable community.

Close up of the Builder card

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Reader_Rina November 14, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Hi Joanna!
I purchased this deck. It’s very, very beutiful! However, my deck shows 4_Emperor, while on your website the name of the card is 4_Builder. COuld you explain this to us, please?

“Us” – is actually around 500 people. I gave link to my friends from a big project, and you should have a lot of visitors from our community this days (from different region, but mostly Eurasia). We were using my deck yesterday and today. And will be using a few more days. People loved it!

Thank you in advance for you explanation.

Joanna November 14, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Hi Rina,
So glad you and your friends love the deck!
This card is called the Emperor in the traditional tarot, and I changed the name to the Builder, just like I changed the Empress to the Gardener. If you look in the book, you’ll see it is called the Builder there. It is actually a misprint on the card, an error. Hopefully you can overlook it, and remind yourself that he is actually the Builder.
Thanks and Blessings,

Reader_Rina December 20, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Dear Joanna,

I wanted to apologize – I did not receive or overlooked a message in my inbox with your answer.r

Thank you for the explanation. I love the deck. And Ii think it is a good present for the holidays. Thank you!

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